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Professional Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

At Salgado Aquatics, we believe that the key to a beautiful & healthy aquarium is regular maintenance. Sometimes life commitments such as family & work can make it difficult to find time to maintain your aquarium. Fish and coral health depend on healthy water to thrive. Without regular maintenance, your livestock may become ill, or worse, die.

Salgado aquatics offer professional aquarium maintenance. Our rates are simple and affordable. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services. Please see the details below.


  • Water Change (20%)
  • Replace water with R/O salt water
  • Leave R/O freshwater to top off aquarium
  • Test water for PH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, calcium, alkalinity, & phosphates
  • Clean and adjust protein skimmer
  • Check and adjust salinity
  • Clean substrate
  • Wipe inside of aquarium
  • Clean inside filter
  • Clean & polish hardware (exterior of filters, light strips, glass tops, canopy, and stand)
  • Polish exterior of aquarium

Add-on services

No two aquariums are the same. To better support your aquarium needs, we offer aquarium maintenance add-ons and delivery. Add-ons are available at an additional charge. For this extra service, you must request the items or service 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

  • Sponge
  • Filter Media
  • Additional R/O water
  • Disease treatment delivery
  • Livestock delivery
  • Fish food delivery
  • Coral food delivery
  • Aquarium landscaping

Give us a call and we can come up with a custom plan based on your aquarium needs. If you prefer email, please email us at . To better assist you, please include your location and tank size.